You need the permit set. You want the visuals.

We've got you covered for both.

Augment AR- 3D Floor Plans - Interactive Panoramas - Real-Time Walkthrough with Oculus Rift Integration


Your home in 3D on your iPad. Print and scan the image below with the Augment app to try it for yourself. You can find the app in the App store or check out for more information.


3D Floor Plans

We offer 3D floor plans, similar to what you see on home improvement shows on TV. Colors, materials and furniture are all customizable, so everyone gets exactly what they expect.



Interactive Panoramas

For a more engaging experience we can also create interactive 360° panoramas that you and your clients can explore on your own computers. These panoramas put you directly in the room so you get an eye-level view of what the space will feel like. Click below to see it now and use your mouse to look around.


Real-Time Walkthroughs

Utliizes the Unity 3D Game Engine and the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

For a fully immersive experience we can also turn your design into a video game. You can explore the entire building in real-time on your own computer...or come to our office and try it out on our Oculus Rift headset! You'll be in the space like never before. Watch a demo here:

This view appears on the computer screen while someone is experiencing the game in the headset.

Inside the headset a user has a seamless view in all directions.