On the Boards: Super Spy Housing Competition

We recently entered a design competition as a creative exercise to work on during our weekly staff training. Our concept was to design a house for James Bond. Where would it be? What materials would Bond want? What spaces would he need in his house? We went through various iterations of all the above, and in the end decided he would enjoy a hideaway in Algeria, on the Mediterranean shore. We designed a very modern concrete, steel and glass home that cantilevers out over a rocky hillside. The home has two pools, one of which is on the roof and conceals the secret entry. The back end of the house is a private zone which includes a garage and a gadget room for our client's famous cars and spy toys. The front of the house is cantilevered over a cliff and provides an interior pool and bar area where visitors are treated to a view of the Mediterranean while mixing up the perfect martini. Shaken, not stirred, of course.