Kitchen Renovations with LED lighting

We have been using LED lights more and more frequently in kitchens and kitchen renovations, though they are also a great asset for bathrooms or other areas to which you might want to add a little character.

As with everything there are benefits to using LEDs and some things people don't expect.

Let's start with the obstacles.

Dimming: The only real issue we have had to date is that if you want to use a dimmer switch, it is important that it is the proper dimmer to work with the lights you are using. Flicker, Noise and Drop Off (when the light dims completely before you expect) are all potential problems that can occur.

Industry Standards: A lot of electricians are still getting to know the technology so they can be on unfamiliar ground, though this is quickly changing.

Now lets go over a few of the good things.

Flexibility: LEDs are small, so they can be detailed into almost any area you want. One common detail we have been asked to do is to create a cool back lighting effects, such as making a counter top "float", like the one on this kitchen island.

Color: They can change color to enhance the warmth or coolness of a design or they can actively change colors for a dynamic sense of movement. That was done in this storage space with these frosted glass doors highlighting the changing colors behind them

Environmentally Friendly: They are incredibly efficient in that they can provide the same amount of light as a similar incandescent bulb for a fraction of the wattage. Though they are more expensive out of the box, the cost savings on energy use adds up quickly.

Accent Features: They can also be used to enhance a piece of furniture or other focal point in a room. We love them so much that we used them in a light table that is both the central functional and aesthetic element of our studio space. Check out our Timelapse Video or contact us if you want more info on how we built it.

Bottom line we expect to use a lot more LED's in our designs moving forward.