The Seven Habits of Highly Productive Home Renovation: Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind

This is a helpful preventative for cutting corners or for having a project that just goes on and on and never ends..

If you ever saw the movie The Money Pit you would get a picture of a hopelessly problem-riddled house that was in a state of perpetual repair. Most people starting renovation projects have been in the house long enough to have a feel that the house has "good bones", but it is important to create clear achievable milestones in your project. Before you start the project you should know what will constitute the end of that project.

Limit of Work Line: This is something we try to designate on a plan to contain the project within some clear boundaries, often at existing doorways or framed openings. This will help guard against scope creep. In the case of this graphic, the dashed lines are areas of work and the non-dashed lines are areas to remain undisturbed.

What Will Change (Light and Space):  Though it is subtle, you are probably used to the space outside of your house and the natural light that you get both inside and out. It is important to keep these things in mind as you design your project. If well designed you can often improve your natural light situation, and also improve how the inside of the house interacts spatially with the exterior.

Visualization: Your architect should be able to give you a clear idea of what the addition or renovation will look like before the plans are completed.

Always "Begin with the end in mind" and you will have a more successful project and a more beautiful space.

We'll get to Habit 3 "Put First Things First" in the next blog.