3 Things to Look For in a Good Architect

Finding a good architect is much like a mechanic or even a doctor. Referrals and results are king and everything else just helps the process. So what if you don't have a great referral sitting around and you need to get some information on the best architects in your area. Our architecture firm located in Takoma Park, Maryland, is great because we have a wealth of samples of our work around the community--but what if we have a job 45 miles away? How do we convey to our potential clients our skill-set and core competency? Here are a few takeaways for finding a strong architect:

1. Do some initial web research relying on the testimonials, portfolios and reviews of the firm. Make a list of the top 6-8 that you like and contact the architects on your list. Ask them good questions about their design principles, project ideas and more. The more prepared you are the better. The Wall Street Journal did a great piece on whether or not you actually need a good architect too- check it out.

2. After talking on the phone with all of them, trim your list down and set up a meeting with them. In this phase, you want to try and understand a little bit more about the people who are going to be helping you and how they compare to the others. 

3. Finally, after you make your choice, make sure you go through the entire process with your architect and be sure you understand all the costs and responsibilities you have. If you choose, you can also hire an attorney to look it over.

Happy hunting-- and we're always happy to answer your questions here at Mangan Group.